Figure Here is the launching point for your Internetbased media sharing

When the Sign-In Assistant is installed, return to the Link Online IDs control panel. As shown in Figure 11-51, you will now have an option to Link your Windows Live online ID to the user account you configured on the PC.

Figure 11-51: Once the Windows Live Sign-In Assistant is installed, you'll see an option for linking your Windows Live ID to your user account.

Click the link titled Link online ID. You'll be prompted to sign in to your Windows Live account. Once that's completed, you can close the Link Online IDs control panel and return to the Internet Home Media Access window. Click the link titled Allow Internet access to home media. As shown in Figure 11-52, you will be told that Internet home media access is now correctly configured.

Internet Hör™ Media Access

You have successfully allowed Internet access to home media

If this computer Is et home, a utti onzed users can access its nie die over the Internet.

If this compute* ii away from home, you can access media on home computers. I lomt computers will be listed under Other Libraries in your Player.

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