Creating a DVD Movie

To copy a recorded TV show to a DVD movie:

1. Open Recorded TV (by navigating to TV O Recorded TV) and select the movie or TV show you'd like to copy to DVD.

2. Right-click (or press the More Info button on the remote) and choose Burn a CD/ DVD, as shown in Figure 15-52.

3. If you haven't already inserted compatible writeable optical media, Media Center will prompt you to do so.

4. In the next screen, Media Center will ask if you prefer a Data DVD or a Video DVD. Select Video DVD and click Next.

O Windows Media Center

O Windows Media Center

Figure 15-52: Media Center enables you to copy recorded TV shows and movies to DVD.

5. Pick a name for the DVD movie; Media Center will auto-select the name of the TV show as the default.

6. In the next screen, Review & Edit List, you can perform a number of actions. If the TV show you selected is the only one you want on the DVD, simply click Burn DVD to commit the movie to disc. Otherwise, click Add More and repeat the preceding steps.


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