Arranging Content

When you've added two or more items to your Windows DVD Maker project, you can start thinking about the order in which they will appear on the final DVD movie. While DVD Maker doesn't offer a huge selection of DVD menu layout options, it does let you reorder items. You'll notice that the list of videos and photo slide shows in the wizard has an explicit order, as noted by the Order column heading, which assigns each item a number, starting from 1.

You can easily reorder items in the following ways:

♦ Drag and drop: Using the skills you've no doubt honed over the years in Windows, simply grab an item in the list and drag it to the position in the order you'd like it to appear.

♦ Move up and Move down buttons: In the Windows DVD Maker toolbar, there are two arrow-shaped buttons, Move up and Move down, that enable you to reorder the selected item as indicated. This is shown in Figure 13-40.

♦ Right-click method: You can also right-click any item and choose Move Up or Move Down from the resulting pop-up menu.


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