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Card recovery Professional is a software that helps in regaining the data, mainly photos or images, from unreadable and substandard memory cards. The program is also in the position to scan and recover photos from the standard hard drive. It is the product of WinRecovery Software who also claims that it can recover any type of photo or video file, even those branded raw designs used in digital cameras.  While we may lose files, photos, and other images, there is not to worry because this software gives us a provision to recover them. It supports a number of devices including SD card, MMC cards, and USB Flash disks among others. Evidently, this is a very strong software that really saves your memory.

What You Need To Know About It

One major advantage of this product is that it is cheaper compared to what the competitors charge. You with no doubt desire to save you hardly gained money, something you successful do with this system. In the same context, it imperative you put in mind that there is a money back guarantee that will safeguard your cash suppose the software does not restore your files and photos. What a huge plus for the software!

Sometimes you may need help from informed individuals in doing some tasks. Well, the support system for this software is not only accessible but also approachable. Therefore, in case you find it difficult to restore your photos, images or files, you can always contact them for support. Be sure they will give you the needed help. Most of the reviews from the clients show that their response is quick, something we all desire whenever we want help.

Furthermore, it is very easy to use the software. You do not need any specialized skill or experience. Even so, you will be availed with a number of videos that will train on how to use it. The greatest strength of this software lies in JPG recovery. In most of the tests it has been subjected to, it recovered all the JPG within the data set. Indisputably, JPG is the most utilized image format. For this reason, it is likely to be the most significant image file they may need to be recovered. Also, JPG appears to be the easiest file that can ever be recovered since it can easily be compacted back together. The average recovery rate of the software is about 88% for all type of products.

But then, how can you recover your lost files? Well, it is quite simple as already mentioned. You will need a Personal Computer (PC) along with an SD card reader. Thereafter, you can follow the following six simple steps.

  • You will first put your defective SD card in the card converter.
  • Thereafter, slide the SD card to the computer’s card reader.
  • Click the ‘undelete plus’ section to open the SD card.
  • You can then open ‘my computer’ then click the micro storage card reader’s logo.
  • Begin the scanning process.
  • Finally, click on the files you want to recover followed by ‘start to undelete’ and you will restore your lost data there and then.

In light of this, the recovery process can be merged into three simple steps

  1. Connect the device
  2. Do scanning
  3. Recover the lost data.

While the software restored all the JPG photo, the common and probably the most significant file to be recovered, in other cases it has failed to recover the product images. It has recovered more of the camera raw images than the SD card ones. This may appear odd because it is basically designed to work on memory cards.

Apart from the general benefit of regaining your previously lost photos and files, you will reap the following also

  • You will be taken through the process. Even if you are not a competent computer user, you will be guided step by step until you recover your lost files.
  • You can search the lost data by means of keywords. Even though you may have forgotten the name of the file you need to recover, you can still search for it if you recall only part of the name, rather than scanning.
  • You can recover nearly all types of files including the encrypted ones.
  • You will be able to recover files from other exterior storage devices such as the USB thumb drives and iPod classic among others.
  • Important still, files from portioned or formatted drives can equally be recovered.
  • The scan outcome can be sorted. After a complete scan of lost files, you can choose to sort the results for example by file name or size. This will make it much easier to get whatever you need.

Have you lost any of your photos or files? If yes, then there is way out. Card Recovery Pro will help you recover all of them by following the three simple steps outlined. It is to use and inexpensive. In buying this software, your money will be protected through a 60-day money. Try it now and recover you crucial data.

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