The Home page or Other Settings Have Changed

If the home page or other settings have changed, you can reset all browser settings except for Favorites, Feed, Internet Connection Settings, Group Policy Settings, and Content Advisor Settings by following these steps:

1. Close all windows except for one Internet Explorer window

2. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu

3. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab

4. Click Reset.

5. In the warning box that appears, click Reset .

6. Click Close and then click OK twice. Restart Internet Explorer.

To prevent unwanted changes in the future, ensure that you have all Microsoft security updates installed and are using anti-malware software, such as Microsoft Forefront or Windows Defender. For more information about installing security updates, read Chapter 23 . For more information about Microsoft Forefront and Windows Defender, read Chapter 24 .


To address the changing Web, Internet Explorer 8 includes significant improvements over earlier versions of the Web browser The most important changes are not visible to the user, but the user benefits from improved security, privacy, and reliability Compatibility View reverts to the Internet Explorer 7 rendering engine for Web sites that do not display properly in Internet Explorer 8. Tab Isolation prevents a Web page that crashes the browser from impacting more than one tab

Users will notice InPrivate Browsing, InPrivate Filtering, SmartScreen, Domain Highlighting, and Accelerators InPrivate Browsing allows users to browse the Web with no record of their activities on the local computer. InPrivate Filtering reduces the opportunity for third parties to monitor a user's activity across multiple Web sites . SmartScreen warns users before they visit known malicious Web sites, and Domain Highlighting helps users identify the Web site they are visiting. Finally, Accelerators improve user efficiency by allowing them to use Web services to cross-reference information quickly on a Web page .

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