Using Windows Card Space

Windows CardSpace is a new utility for managing the personal information that you share with trusted Web sites on the Internet. It enables you to store information cards containing the identity and contact information that social networking Web sites generally require of members when logging on to their forums. The utility also enables you to install information cards supplied by the trusted Web sites that you deal with (also called managed cards) that contain all the credit card and other personal identity information that you supply them in the course of doing business with them.

When you click the Windows CardSpace link in the initial User Accounts Control Panel (refer to Figure 5-5), Windows dims the desktop and displays a Windows CardSpace dialog box that shows all the personal information cards you've created along with all the managed information cards you've installed.

To create a new personal information card or install a managed card sent to you from a trusted Web site, click the Add a Card icon. Windows 7 then opens an Add a Card dialog box containing the following two options:

✓ Create a Personal Card containing encrypted personal identity information that you can send to trusted Web sites upon their request in order to make it easier to register with them and log on to them.

✓ Install a Managed Card to add an encrypted information card sent to you by a trusted Web site that contains the personal and credit information you supplied to the site in order to business with it.

m» After adding personal and managed cards to your Windows CardSpace, you can review their information by clicking their icons in the Your Cards list box and then clicking the Preview button. To edit information in particular fields of the card, click the Edit button.

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