Using Credential Manager

The Credential Manager window (shown in Figure 5-7) enables you to securely store log on information (user ID and passwords) that you routinely supply to trusted Web sites in order to obtain access to their services. This Control Panel window handles three distinct types of information:

✓ Windows Credentials that store the network addresses, usernames, and passwords required for you to access various company intranet and SharePoint sites.

✓ Certificate-Based Credentials that store digitally signed public key certificates that identify you and your computer. These encrypted certificates contain not only your user ID information but your passwords as well and can therefore be used to log you in to highly secure Web sites.

✓ General Credentials that store the URL addresses, usernames, and passwords required for you to access the other (usually commercial) Web sites you deal with that require you to log on in order to conduct business with them.

To add a new credential to any of these three types, click the Add A link that appears to the right of its name to open a Control Panel window where you can specify all the username, password, network, Internet, certificate information that the particular type of credential requires.

Jjj* ^ Use the Back Up Vault link in the Credential Manager window to back up all the SjSV credentials you add (preferably, on a removable hard or flash drive that you sjj store in a very secure place). That way, you can recover all your user IDs and passwords with the Restore Vault link in the event that your hard drive becomes damaged and its data unusable.

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