User Accounts

The User Accounts window (see Figure 5-5) appears when you click the User Accounts and Family Safety link in the Control Panel in Category view. This window contains the following options:

✓ User Accounts: Opens a second User Accounts window, where you can make changes to your own user account on the computer. You also use this window to modify the User Account Control settings used both to manage accounts for other users that use the same computer and to determine when you would like to be notified of attempts to make changes to the Windows settings — assuming that you're part of the Administrators group that has the permissions to make these changes. (See "Modifying User Account settings" later in this part for details.)

✓ Parental Controls: Opens the Parental Controls window, where you can manage how children in the household access computers.

✓ Windows CardSpace: Opens the Windows CardSpace dialog box, where you can add new information cards that you can then use to securely manage the personal identity information you routinely send to trusted Web sites on the Internet. (See "Using Windows CardSpace" later in this part for details.)

✓ Credential Manager: Opens the Credential Manager window, where you can securely store the various usernames and passwords that you need to supply in order to access various Web sites. (See "Using Credential Manager" later in this part for details.)

✓ Mail (32-bit): Opens the Mail Setup dialog box for the e-mail program you use (such as Microsoft Outlook), where you can manage your e-mail accounts as well as modify the file settings for your e-mail program and the e-mail profile that your computer uses.


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