displaying on desktop, 2-3 pinning to taskbar, 22-23 IE 8 (Internet Explorer 8)

Autosearching feature, 103-104 browsing, 82-90 connecting to Internet, 80 favorites, 90-95 home pages, 82 launching, 81

Live Search text box, 102-103 overview, 80 phishing, 105-106 pop-ups, 106

printing Web pages, 98-101 RSS feeds, 106-109 saving Web graphics, 97 saving Web pages, 97-98 search providers, 104-105 tabs, 95-96

working offline, 101-102 IM (instant messaging)

contacts, adding, 189-190 customizing, 189 overview, 187-188 process, 190-191 images desktop, 2

Pictures library, 55, 149 user account, 13, 127 viewing via Media Center,

154-155 Windows Live Messenger, 189 Windows Live Photo Gallery, 196-198

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

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