Hardware and Sound

When you click the Hardware and Sound link in the Control Panel when it's in Category view, Windows opens a new Hardware and Sound window (similar to the one shown in Figure 5-8). The Hardware and Sound window displays a list of links that give you access to various hardware devices connected to your computer as well as the ability to modify different hardware-related computer settings. These include hardware devices such as scanners, printers, and webcams as well as sound, power, and display options. It also gives you access to the Windows Mobility Center, an all-in-one panel where you can quickly modify your computer's display brightness, volume, and power-saving scheme as well as its wireless networking, secondary display monitor, synchronization, and presentation settings.

Figure 5-7

- Credential Manager

Search Control Panel

- Credential Manager

Search Control Panel

Control Panel Home

Store credentials for automatic logon

Ltee Credential Manager to store credentials, such as user easily log on to computers or websites.

™ i p Windows Vault Pjf Default vault location

Back up vault Restore vault

ames and passwords, in vaults so you can

Windows Credentials

Add a Windows credential

sp015 .yegOl. ca. as4250, n et.onl i nemyts. com

Internet or network address:

User name! TOSHIBALAPTOP\gharvey


Persistence; Enterprise Edit Remove from vault

Modified; 5/6/2009 @

Certificate-Based credentials

Add a certificate-based credential

No certificates.

See also

Generic Credentials

Add a generic credential

User Accounts

No generic credentials,

Link online IDs

The Hardware and Sound options include the following:

✓ Devices and Printers enables you to change the settings for the various devices (including webcams and your computer's mouse) as well as the printers you've installed on your computer. You can also add a new local or network printer. (See "Devices and Printers" later in this part for details.)

✓ AutoPlay enables you to designate which Windows program to use in playing various types of media files. (See "AutoPlay" later in this part for details.)

✓ Sound enables you to manage your sound devices and assign new sounds to common Windows events. (See "Sound" later in this part for details.)

✓ Power Options enables you to select a new power plan for your computer as well as define the function of the computer's Power button and the function of closing the lid on a laptop computer (by default, it puts the laptop into Sleep mode).

✓ Display enables you to change the relative size of the text on your computer screen as well as adjust various settings such as the pixel resolution and brightness.

✓ Windows Mobility Center opens a Windows Mobility Center dialog box that enables you to adjust a variety of different settings when using a laptop computer running Windows 7 to display a presentation (usually a slide presentation created with PowerPoint) to a live audience on an external projector or monitor.

Figure 5-8


Control Panel

Search Control Panel

Control Panel Home

System and Security Network and Internet Hardware and Sound Programs

User Accounts and Family Safety

Appearance and

Clock, Language, and Regioi Ease of Access

Devices and Printers

Add a device Add a printer Mouse | Ifjg.1 Device Manager


Change default settings for media or dev


Adjust system volum

Change systen s Play CDs or other media automatically junds Manage audio devices

Power Options

Change battery settings Change what the power buttons do

Require a password when the computer wakes | Change when the computer sleeps

Adjust screen brightness


Make text and other items larger or smaller | Adjust screen resolution Connect to a projector Connect to an external display

Windows Mobility Center

Adjust commonly used mobility settings Adjust settings before giving a presentation

Pen and Touch

Change tablet pen settings [ Change settings for handwriting personalization Turn flicks on and off Set flicks to perform certain tasks

Tablet PC Settings

Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input Set tablet buttons to perform certain tasks Choose the order of how your screen rotates Specify which hand you write with

✓ Pen and Touch opens a Pen and Touch dialog box (assuming you have a digital tablet) that enables you to modify sensitivity settings and assign functions to its buttons.

✓ Tablet PC Settings opens a Tablet PC dialog box where you can calibrate the screen sensitivity (assuming you have a Tablet PC).

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