Customizing Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger makes it super easy to customize its window. You can customize the display picture, the scene (the background graphic image and colors that appear at the top of Windows Live Messenger window), as well as the personal information (including display name, your personal message, and any picture that you want displayed).

To change these settings, click the drop-down button that appears to the right of your current display name and online status (your status is usually Available when you first log in to Windows Live Messenger) and then select any of the following menu options:

✓ Change Display Picture: Click this option to open the Display Picture dialog box where you can select a new picture from among the predefined images supplied with Windows Live Messenger, take a snapshot or short video or dynamic picture (using a series of still frames) with your webcam, or go online to create a Dynamic WeeMee or to select a predefined Quebles or Kiwee display picture.

✓ Change Scene: Click this option to open the Scene dialog box, where you can select a new background graphic for the top of the Windows Live Messenger window from among those predefined or browse for a photo or image that you've saved on your computer as well as to select a new color scheme used for displaying the text in this area of the Windows Live Messenger window.

✓ Change Display Name: Click this option to open the Options dialog box with the Personal tab selected. Here you can change your display name, reword the short personal message that your contacts see (mine is "Make Every Day Special"), as well as change or select a new display picture. This tab also contains options for editing the public profile that your contacts can see when you're logged in, changing the Status options that control how long Messenger remains inactive before your status automatically changes from Available to Away, and determining whether your status automatically changes from Available to Busy when you're running a fullscreen program or have turned on presentation settings. This tab also includes an option that controls whether the program automatically displays a webcam icon in the contact's message window indicating that you have a webcam (assuming that your computer is so equipped) when the contact is receiving your instant message.

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