Composing and sending messages

To compose and send a new e-mail message in Windows Live Mail, follow these steps:

1. Click the New button and then choose E-Mail Message from its drop-down menu or simply press Ctrl+N.

Windows Live Mail opens the New Message window, where you specify the recipient's e-mail address in the To field (which automatically contains the cursor). You can either type this address in the To text box or click the To button to display the Select Contacts to Send E-Mail To dialog box, in which you can select the recipients from a list of contacts in your Contacts List or from one of the online directories.

To send a new message to someone who's already listed in your Contacts List, click the Contacts button in the Windows Live Mail Navigation pane in the lower-left corner and then click the contact's name in the Windows Live Contacts window before you click the E-Mail button on the toolbar. Windows Live Mail then opens a New Message window, with the recipient's e-mail address already entered in the To field.

When composing a new message, you can send copies of it to as many other recipients (within reason) as you want. To send copies of the message to other recipients, you first need to click the Show Cc and Bcc link to add the Cc and Bcc fields to the message.

2. (Optional) Click somewhere in the Cc field and then type the e-mail addresses, separated by semicolons (;) in the Cc field. Alternatively, if the addresses appear in the Contacts List, click the Cc button to open the Select Recipients dialog box and then choose the e-mail addresses there. (After clicking the names in the Name list box, click the Cc button to add them to the copy list.)

After filling in the e-mail addresses of the recipients, you're ready to enter the subject of the message. The descriptive text that you type in the Subject field of the message appears in the upper pane of a recipient's Inbox when he or she reads the message.

3. Click somewhere in the Subject field and then enter a brief description of the contents or purpose of the e-mail message.

4. (Optional) To boost the priority of the message, click the High Priority button on the toolbar. To decrease the priority of the message, click the Low Priority button instead.

When you make a message either high or low priority, Windows Live Mail attaches a priority icon to the message (assuming that the recipients of the message are using Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, or Outlook to read their mail) that indicates its relative importance. The high-priority icon has a red flag in front of the envelope, whereas the low-priority icon has an arrow pointing downward.

5. Click in the body of the message and then type in the text of the message as you would in any text editor or word processor, ending paragraphs by pressing the Enter key.

When composing the text of the message, keep in mind that you can insert text directly into the body of the message from other documents via the Clipboard (the old cut, copy, and paste commands).

6. (Optional) To send a file along with your e-mail, click the Attach button on the toolbar, select the file in the Open dialog box, and then click the Open button.

When you include a file with a message, an icon for the file appears in a new Attach field between the Subject field and the body of the e-mail.

7. To send the e-mail to its recipients, click the Send button on the toolbar.

tjf Note that when composing a new message, you can send blind copies of the message to several recipients by filling in the Bcc field. When you add names to the yJJ Bcc (blind carbon copy) field rather than to the Cc (carbon copy) field, none of the Bcc recipients sees any other names you may have entered in the Bcc field. When you add names to the Cc field, each recipient sees the names of everyone else to whom you've sent this same message. To display the Bcc field between the Cc and Subject fields, click the Show Cc and Bcc link. You can fill in this field with the names of the recipients as you do in the Cc field. (See Step 3 in the preceding list.)

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