Adding contacts to Windows Live Messenger

Contacts in Windows Live Messenger are the people you want to communicate with using instant messages. When you add a person to your contacts list, Windows Live Messenger automatically alerts you when that person is logged in to his version of the instant messenger program.

Windows Live Messenger makes it easy to add the contacts to your list. Simply click the Contacts button on the toolbar at the top of the window or click the Add a Contact or Group button (see Figure 8-2) and then select the Add a Contact option from the drop-down menu. Windows Live Messenger then opens a dialog box where you enter the person's instant messaging address (such as [email protected]) in the Instant Messaging Address text box. If the contact has a mobile phone with text messaging service, you can also enter his or her cellphone number into the Mobile Device Number text box after selecting the country in the Select Country or Region drop-down list (when entering the phone number, be sure to include the area code). You can also make the new contact a part of a particular category (previously known as a group) by selecting the category in the Add to a Category drop-down list (these categories include predefined categories such as Favorites, Family, and Friends as well as custom categories that you add) before you click the Next button.

iWK┬╗ After adding a person to Windows Live Messenger contacts list, the program |||1m plays an audible alert and displays a visual alert in the Windows notification ' area as soon as that person first logs in to his Windows Live Messenger on his computer, letting you know that that contact is now available for instant messaging. To remind you of the person's Available status, a green square icon then appears in front of the contact's name in his category in the Windows Live Messenger window (as long as the contact doesn't log off Windows Live Messenger or change his status to Appear Offline by selecting this option from the drop-down menu attached to his display name).

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