accelerators, 84-85 access points (hotspots), 62 accessories

Calculator, 166-167 Command Prompt, 167-168 Notepad, 168-169 overview, 165 Paint, 169-170 Run, 170-171 Snipping Tool, 171-172 Sound Recorder, 172-173 Sticky Notes, 173-174 WordPad, 174-175 accounts

User Accounts window, 125-129 Windows Live Mail, creating, 179 Action Center option, 123-124 Add a Card dialog box, 128 Add a Favorite dialog box, 92 Add New Users link, 10 Add Printer Wizard, 131-132 Add Sender to Blocked Senders

List option, 187 Add Sender to Safe Senders

List, 187 Add to Favorites command, 94 Add Videos and Photos dialog box, 192 Address toolbar, 23 Administrative Tools option, 125

Advanced Encryption Standard

(AES), 66 Advanced Key Settings tab, 138


Advanced Sharing sharing drives and files, 71-72 turning on, 68-69 AES (Advanced Encryption

Standard), 66 All Programs option, 19 Always Show Menus check box, 38-39

Appearance and Personalization link, 123 application buttons, taskbar, 16-17

arranging windows, 25-26 audio playing via Media Center, 153 Sound dialog box, 134-135 Sound Recorder, 172-173 Windows Media Player, 157-163 Authors filter, 51 AutoComplete feature, 85-86 Auto-Hide the Taskbar option, 19

automatic wireless connection,

64-65 AutoPlay option, 130 AutoPlay window, 134 AutoRun feature, 170 Autosearching feature, 103-104

Backup in Progress indicator, 119

Bcc (blind carbon copy) field, 181

BitLocker Drive Encryption option, 125 blind carbon copy (Bcc) field, 181

Blocked Senders list, 187 bold text, 174 bookmarking Web sites

Favorites toolbar, 91 Favorites/Feeds/History bar, 92

importing bookmarks from other browsers, 91 overview, 90-91 reordering bookmarks, 95 broadband, 157 Browse Help Topics link, 12 browsing Web accelerators, 84-85 AutoComplete feature, 85-86 Compatibility View, 86-87 InPrivate, 87-88 overview, 82-84 Web slices, 88-89 zooming, 89-90 burning CDs, 161-162

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