Working with Scanners and Fax Machines

Unlike printers, scanners and fax machines use helper applications when receiving and sending documents. The default helper application is Windows Fax and Scan.

Scanning images

Most scanners have a menu option that allows you to scan images to your computer, to a memory card, or to an email message. With this in mind, you can scan an image by completing the following steps:

1. Put the image you want to scan on the scanner bed.

2. Click the Scan button on the scanner. This should display a Scan menu. You can also click the New Scan button from within Windows Fax and Scan.

3. On the Scan menu, select the appropriate scanning option, such as Scan to PC, and then press the OK or Start button. If you are scanning from Windows Fax and Scan, select the appropriate options and click the Preview button to preview and select the scanning area, then click Scan to create the final scan.

Managing scanned documents

You can access a scanner management window for your scanner by completing these steps:

1. Click Starts-Devices and Printers. In Devices And Printers, double-click the scanner you want to work with. This opens Windows Fax and Scan.

2. To view scans sent to the computer, click Scan in the Navigation pane. As shown in Figure 12-22, scans are listed by date, filename, file type, size, and source.

3. You can preview a scan by selecting it in the Documents list.

4. Use the following options on the toolbar to manage the scan:


Deletes the scan from the computer Forward as Fax

Forwards the scan as a fax file

Forward as E-mail

Forwards the scan as an attachment to an email message Save as

Saves the scan to a file on your computer Print

Prints the scanned document to a printer

I File Edit View Tools Document Help

^ ^^ New Scan (Jf New Fax

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