Working with Print Jobs

You manage the print jobs associated with a printer using the print management window. If the printer is configured on your computer, you can access the print management window by completing the following steps:

1. Click Starts-Devices and Printers.

2. In Devices and Printers, right-click the printer you want to work with and then select "See what's printing."

If the printer isn't configured on your computer, you can manage the printer remotely by completing these steps:

1. Click Start and then click Network.

2. Double-click the computer sharing the printer.

3. Double-click the printer.

You can now manage print jobs for the selected printer using the print management window shown in Figure 12-20. The print management window provides details about documents being printed or waiting to print on the selected printer. These details include:

Document Name

Shows the name of the application that printed the document, and the document name. Status

The status of the print job. Document status entries you'll see include Printing and Error-Printing.


The person who printed the document. Pages

The number of pages in the document.


The document size in kilobytes or megabytes. Submitted

The time and date the print job was submitted.


The port used for printing.

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