Wireless Networking

If you travel frequently, chances are you are quite familiar with the existence of wireless networks. Most hotels, coffee shops, airports, and libraries offer Wi-Fi or 802.11 networks. Many cities are beginning to offer Wi-Fi connections also, offering low-cost Internet access to residents. Eventually wireless networks may become so prevalent that we'll be able to connect to the Internet from just about anywhere. With this in mind, Windows 7 makes creating and connecting to wireless networks very easy. With Windows 7, Microsoft has taken the time to revamp the wireless networking interface, making it considerably easy to create and connect to wireless networks.

The beauty of wireless networking correlates directly to the word wireless. Wireless networks allow you the freedom to move about, whether in your home or on the road, which can make your life considerably easier when you need to connect to a network. With wireless networking, you gain the complete functionality of a standard network without the need for any cables to connect the computers or devices. This eases the requirements and restrictions of regular networks, but it adds some complexity and additional pitfalls to the networking process.

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