Viewing Privacy Information in Windows Media Center

Selecting Tasks^-Settings^-General^-Privacy allows you to view the online Windows Media Center privacy statement, privacy settings, and customer experience settings. Clicking on the Online Windows Media Center Privacy Statement opens a window showing you the updated privacy available from Microsoft's website. To view the specific content from your browser, go to

From the Privacy Settings option, you can change the Guide and Most Viewed settings available in Windows Media Center. The Guide selection allows you to turn on or off the ability for Windows Media Center to send anonymous information to Microsoft, which helps Microsoft improve the quality and accuracy of the services available within Windows Media Center. The Most Viewed selection turns on or off the favorites filter in the Windows Media Center guide. Once you have made your selections, click or select the Save button to update your local profile.

The Customer Experience Settings option lets you select whether you want to send anonymous usage and reliability information to Microsoft. When you experience an error within the program, you are asked whether to send a report to Microsoft, which helps Microsoft determine specific problems with the product and its interaction with additional programs. If you want to send this information to Microsoft, leave the checkbox selected, as it is a default setting within Windows Media Center. After you have completed your selection, click or select the Save button to save your preferences.

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