Viewing Installed Hardware

Device Manager is your window to the hardware components installed on your computer. You can access Device Manager and view all the hardware devices installed on your computer by completing the following steps:

1. In the Control Panel, click System and Security.

2. In the System section, click Device Manager.

As Figure 5-7 shows, Device Manager's default view shows the devices installed in or connected to your computer by device type. If you expand a device type node, such as DVD/CD-ROM devices, you'll see the actual hardware components that are installed. The device list shows warning symbols if there are problems with a device:

• A yellow warning symbol with an exclamation point indicates a problem with a device.

• A red X indicates a device that the user or administrator improperly installed or disabled for some reason.

The options on the View menu allow you to change the way devices are listed. The View menu options include:

Devices by type

Displays devices by the type of device installed, such as disk drives or display adapters. This is the default view. Devices by connection

Displays devices by the type of connection. For example, you may see the base node for the computer as ACPI Multiprocessor PC or ACPI x86-based PC. ACPI stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. ACPI defines which devices are present on a computer and what their capabilities are as to configuration and power management. If you expand the base node, you'll see the ACPI connections and a connection for the computer's hardware bus, such as PCI Bus. If you then expand the PCI Bus connection, you'll see all the hardware connected to the PCI bus.

Resources by type

Displays the status of allocated resources by resource type and type of device using a resource. Resource types are direct memory access (DMA) channels, input/ output (I/O) ports, interrupt requests (IRQ), and memory addresses. Resources by connection

Displays the status of all allocated resources by connection type rather than device type.

Show hidden devices

Displays non-Plug and Play devices as well as devices that have been physically removed from the computer but haven't had their drivers uninstalled.

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