Figure 5-25. Windows detects the device

Windows 7 checks for drivers automatically using Windows Update either when you connect a new device or when it first detects the device. To control whether Windows 7 checks for drivers automatically using Windows Update, use the Device Installation Settings option on the System Properties Hardware tab (see "How Does the Operating System Obtain Driver Updates?" on page 149).

In some cases, Windows 7 might detect the new device but the Driver Software Installation component may run into problems installing the device. If this happens, you'll see errors similar to those shown in Figure 5-27. In this case, you should be redirected immediately to the Action Center. If there is a possible solution available, Windows 7 will display the solution as discussed previously.

If Windows 7 doesn't detect the device when you insert it, check the manufacturer's website for compatible installation software. Once you have installation software for the device, run it and then follow the prompts. The device should then be installed properly.

If Windows cannot install a device, there might be a problem with the device itself or a conflict with existing hardware. For additional details on troubleshooting, see the section "Troubleshooting Hardware" on page 187 in this chapter.

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