Using the CPU Meter gadget

Having problems with a slow or unresponsive computer, or like being able to see what's going on with your computer? If so, you might want to start using the CPU Meter gadget. This gadget displays the current percentage utilization of the computer's CPU and memory as a series of gauges (see Figure 2-19). The large gauge shows the CPU utilization; the small gauge shows the RAM utilization.

Figure 2-19. Working with the CPU Meter gadget

Similar to a tachometer in a car, the CPU and RAM gauges show high utilization in yellow and red. The gauges are handy if you are experiencing performance problems and are wondering what is happening with your computer.

Generally, if either gauge peaks into yellow or red usage, the computer may become sluggish and slow to respond because of the high utilization of its resources. If both gauges peak into yellow or red usage, or either gauge is at 98 percent utilization or higher, your computer may become extremely sluggish or unresponsive to your requests.

Windows 7 includes some great new features to resolve performance issues, which I will discuss in Chapter 3.

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