Troubleshooting with the Windows Media Center Setup Menu

Selecting Tasks^-Settings^-General^-Windows Media Center Setup allows you to configure your options as you did during initial installation of the product. This enables you to set up your Internet connection using the same menu as the original installation wizard. Setting up your TV signal brings up the wizard to install the TV tuner card, which you need in order to watch TV and record desired shows. Using the Set Up Your Speakers option allows you to configure the sound within Windows Media Center, or change the settings previously input into the application during the initial installation, which may be necessary when you update your sound system or have trouble with sound working correctly in Windows Media Center.

Selecting Tasks ^-Settings^-General^-Extras Library Options allows you to control how applications control the media experience, access media information, and set the Windows Media Center Internet security settings. You also can edit programs and how they interact with Windows Media Center.

Selecting Tasks ^-Settings^-General^-Extras Library lists the different programs that can connect to Windows Media Center. Checking or unchecking a particular application allows or disallows the application to connect to Windows Media Center for content. These settings can help you diagnose problems with other applications and with Windows Media Center.

Selecting Tasks^Settings^General^Startup and Windows Behavior allows you to manage Windows Media Center startup behavior. You can have Windows Media Center start automatically during Windows startup, or leave it in the default mode, requiring you to start the program manually from the Start menu.

Selecting Tasks^-Settings^-General^-Visual and Sound Effects allows you to manage transition animations and navigational sounds. You can also manage the Windows Media Center color scheme and contrast.

Selecting Tasks^-Settings^-General^-Windows Media Setups-Configure Your TV or Monitor allows you to adjust your display settings within Windows Media Center for optimal viewing.

The Microsoft website offers additional information on troubleshooting Windows Media Center. Visit .aspx for more information. Many different websites and blogs versed in troubleshooting Windows Media Center problems exist on the Web and are easy to access using an online search engine.

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