The Srs Wow effects control

You can use the "SRS WOW effects" control, shown in Figure 8-21, to optimize bass, stereo, and other audio effects. SRS audio is a sound-enhancing technology, created by SRS Labs, Inc., to create high-quality immersive audio. You can turn on SRS WOW effects by completing the following steps:

1. Click the "Turn on" link.

2. Optimize the sound output for your speakers by clicking the Speakers link until it lists the appropriate type of speakers. The options are "Normal speakers," "Large speakers," and "Headphones."

3. Use the TruBass slider to specify the level of bass enhancement. Moving the slider to 0 turns off TruBass. The default setting is 50, for normal bass enhancement.

4. Use the WOW Effect slider to specify the stereo effect. Moving the slider to 0 turns off WOW Effect. The default setting is 50, for normal stereo effect.

Because other audio settings on your computer can affect the volume and audio effects in Windows Media Player, you may find that you need to adjust the audio settings in Windows 7 rather than in Windows Media Player.

OO SR5 WOW effects

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