The Graphic equalizer control

The "Graphic equalizer" control, shown in Figure 8-18, helps you equalize audio playback for specific types of audio. To use the graphic equalizer, follow these steps:

1. If the graphic equalizer is turned off, click "Turn on" to enable Windows Media Player to equalize your audio playback.

2. The third link provided is for the Select Preset list. Clicking this option allows you to choose preset equalizer settings for Rock, Rap, Grunge, Metal, Dance, Techno, Country, Jazz, Acoustic, Folk, New Age, Classical, Blues, Oldies, and more.

3. After you select a preset, you can modify individual equalizer bands by using the sliders provided. To control how the sliders move in relation to one another, click one of the slider option buttons to the left of the equalizer.

Your changes are automatically saved to the Custom preset. To revert to the default settings, click Reset.

Graphic Equalizer For Windows
Figure 8-18. The "Graphic equalizer" control

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