System devices

When you select System devices in Device Manager, you'll see a list of all the hardware components related to your computer's motherboard and system bus. If you want to determine whether your computer supports ACPI or has a PCI Express bus, this is the place to look.

If your computer seems to be losing track of time when you power it off, and you suspect there is an issue with your computer's CMOS clock (which runs on battery), System Devices is the place to look.

Figure 5-11. Checking the CMOS clock

Typically, a computer's CMOS battery will last 7 to 10 years or more. You can check your computer's CMOS clock by completing the following steps:

1. In Device Manager, expand System devices. Right-click "System CMOS/real time clock" and then select Properties.

2. On the Details tab, shown in Figure 5-11, select "Current power state," "Power data," or a similar power setting to determine the current power state of the CMOS clock.

3. If power settings information is provided, your clock is most likely working fine.

4. If you are unable to obtain this information when you select "Current power state," "Power data," or a similar power setting, you may need to replace the battery for the CMOS clock.

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