Shrinking or Extending Volumes

In Disk Management, you can change the size of partitions, simple volumes, and spanned volumes. When you reduce the size of a volume, you shrink the volume to free up available space. When you increase the size of a volume, you extend the volume into unallocated space. For spanned volumes on dynamic disks, the extended space can come from any available dynamic disk, not only those on which the volume was originally created. This enables you to combine areas of free space on multiple dynamic disks and use those areas to increase the size of an existing volume.

You can shrink and extend volumes only if they are formatted and the filesystem uses NTFS. You can't shrink or extend striped or mirrored volumes.

You can shrink a volume by completing the following steps:

1. In Disk Management's Graphical view, right-click the volume that you want to shrink and then select Shrink Volume. After checking the disk to determine how much space can be removed, Disk Management displays the Shrink dialog box shown in Figure 19-13.

Shrink C: m

Total size before shrink in MB:

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