Setting Snipping Options

By default, any snips you capture are copied to the Windows clipboard as well as to the Snipping Tool. This allows you to paste snips into programs that support images simply by pressing Ctrl-V. Other default options are used to prompt you to save snips before exiting, show a screen overlay when the Snipping Tool is active, and to include web page URLs when you capture snips from web pages.

Any snips you capture can have a thick red selection line around them. The selection line is meant to help you distinguish snips from other content if you later add the snips to other documents. You can change the color of the line, start or stop using the selection line by following these steps:

1. In the Snipping Tool, click Tools and then click Options. This opens the Snipping Tool Options dialog box, shown in Figure 13-4.

2. To set the ink color for the selection line, click the "Ink color" list and then choose the color to use.

Figure 13-3. Editing your snip

3. To start or stop using the selection line, select or clear the "Show selection ink after snips are captured" checkbox as appropriate.

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