Setting a custom security level for a zone

In addition to being able to assign a specific security level for a zone, you can also set a custom level by configuring the individual security settings summarized in Table 7-2. Generally, you want to set a custom level only to resolve a specific problem you are experiencing and should otherwise rely on the predefined security levels to achieve the desired results. To resolve a problem with a specific site, you might want to consider adding it to a different zone temporarily rather than changing settings for all Internet sites. For example, you could add a site to the Trust Site zone temporarily to see if this resolves a problem.

You can configure a custom security level for a particular zone by completing these steps:

1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools^Internet Options. This displays the Internet Options dialog box.

2. On the Security tab, click the zone you want to work with.

3. Click the "Custom level" button to display the Security Settings dialog box.

4. Use the individual security settings to specify how you want to handle potentially risky actions, files, programs, and downloads. With most settings your options may include:


Click Prompt to be prompted for approval before proceeding. Disable

Click Disable to skip prompting and automatically refuse the action or download.


Click Enable to skip prompting and automatically accept the action or download.

5. Click OK to save your settings.

Table 7-2. Internet Explorer security settings and their meanings

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