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Figure 25-17. Selecting players to track

Figure 25-17. Selecting players to track

After you specify the league information to track, you may want to specify players to track. You do this on a per-league basis on the Players screen. Use the options provided to select a league, such as MLB or NHL, and then click Add Players. Windows Media Center will then load the players list for the league and organize players by position. For example, with MLB, player positions include Infielders, Outfielders, Catchers, and Starting Pitchers. If you want to track one or more starting pitchers, select Starting Pitchers and then select the starting pitchers to track, as shown in Figure 25-17.

When you are finished selecting players to track, Windows Media Center will download the stats for each player and display it as shown in Figure 25-18. The stats for these players are updated automatically from now on. If you click a player, you can see current news items on the player, vital details, and a team schedule.

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