Renaming Local User Accounts and Groups

Because your computer tracks users and groups with SIDs, you can safely change account names at any time without worrying that this will cause problems with access permissions or privileges. Although you can rename any user and group accounts you've created, you shouldn't rename the default user and group accounts without considering the impact these changes may have on other users. For example, if you change the name of the Administrators group to HeadHonchos, you may be the only person who knows that this group was originally the Administrators group. If a year or so from now you forget that you renamed Administrators, you may think this group has mysteriously disappeared from your computer.

To rename a user or group account, complete the following steps:

1. Open Computer Management.

2. In Local Users and Groups, select the Users or Groups folder as appropriate.

3. Right-click the group or account name and then select Rename.

4. Type the new account name and then click a different entry.

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