Opening and Producing Saved Projects

You can open saved projects using the Search box on the Start menu. Click Start and then type mswmm into the Search box to see a list of all movie project files. Double-click the .mswmm project file you want to open. Windows 7 will then start Windows Movie Maker and open the selected project file for editing.

Alternatively, in Windows Movie Maker, you can open saved projects by completing the following steps:

1. Click File and then click Open Project file. This displays the Open Project dialog box.

2. In the Open Project dialog box, the last folder location you used for saving project files is opened by default. If this isn't the folder you want to use, browse to the folder containing the saved project file.

3. Click the project file and click Open. Windows Movie Maker will then read the project file and begin adding the items it references.

4. When Windows Movie Maker finishes adding items, review the movie storyboard and timeline.

5. After you make any necessary changes, click Publish Movie to start the Publish Movie Wizard and produce your movie.

Windows Movie Maker tracks the location of resources you use in your projects. If you move resources to a new location, you'll see grayed-out frames in your project. You'll need to double-click each grayed-out frame in turn to locate each missing resource. Each time when you are prompted to confirm that you want to locate the missing resource, select Yes and then use the "Browse for..." dialog box to locate the resource.

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