Figure 20-17. Viewing the update history

Removing updates and resolving update problems

Occasionally your computer may experience problems due to installing updates. Although this happens rarely, it does happen. You can remove updates if you need to by following these steps:

1. Click Starts All Programs s Windows Update. This displays the Windows Update page in the Control Panel.

2. In the left panel, click "View update history" and then click Installed Updates.

3. Select the update you want to modify or remove and then click Change or Uninstall as appropriate.

A problem I've experienced several times with Automatic Updates occurs due to a conflict between McAfee Security Center and Automatic Updates. As this is an equal opportunity conflict, I've also seen it occur due to a conflict between Norton Security and Automatic Updates. Normally, when you shut down your computer and there are updates to install, these updates are installed automatically. The problem I've experienced is that the update process gets locked when I shut down my computer, and there are multiple updates that affect components protected by McAfee or Norton as part of their antivirus or antimalware protection.

To shut down my computer, I had to press and hold the power button— something you should never do when updates are being installed. When I later started my computer, the computer froze as soon as either McAfee or Norton started, and I was at a complete standstill. If you experience this problem, too—and you might—you'll need to boot your computer to Safe Mode, as discussed in Chapter 21, and restore your computer to a previous point in time using System Restore, which is also discussed in Chapter 21.

Restoring declined updates

If you decline an update that you later want to install, you can restore the update so that you can install it by completing these steps:

1. Click StartsAll ProgramssWindows Update. This displays the Windows Update page in the Control Panel.

2. In the left pane, click "Restore hidden updates."

3. On the Restore Hidden Updates page, select an update you want to install and then click Restore.

4. Windows 7 will unhide the declined update. Click Back to display the main Windows Update page, and then click "Install updates" to install the previously declined update.

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