Figure 18-16. Selecting users to add to the group

9. Click Check Names and then do one of the following:

• If a single match is found for each entry, the dialog box is automatically updated as appropriate and the entry is underlined.

• If multiple matches are found, you'll see an additional dialog box that allows you to select the name or names you want to use, and then click OK.

• If no matches are found, you've probably entered an incorrect name. Modify the name in the Name Not Found dialog box and then click Check Names again.

You must enter the username rather than the full name of the account. If you changed the username by following the directions in the sections "Changing Your Account Name" on page 707 or "Changing User Account Names for Other People" on page 714, earlier in this chapter, you actually changed the full name associated with the account rather than the username. To view the user-names associated with accounts on your computer, open Computer Management. Double-click Local Users and Groups under System Tools. Select the Users node and then double-click the user account.

10. Repeat step 11 as necessary. When you are finished selecting names, click OK to close the Select Users dialog box.

11. The New Group dialog box is updated to reflect your selections. If you made a mistake, select a name and remove it by clicking Remove.

12. Click Create when you're finished adding or removing group members.

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