To publish your movie to a video file on your computer, complete the following steps:

1. Click Publish Movie on the toolbar. This starts the Publish Movie Wizard.

2. On the "Where do you want to publish your movie?" page, click "This computer" and then click Next.

3. On the "Name the movie you are publishing" page, type a name for the movie file. A default name is set for you based on the name of your project.

4. Using the "Publish to" list, select Videos to publish the movie to your personal Videos folder, or Public Videos to publish the movie to the shared Public Videos folder. Alternatively, click Browse to display the Browse for Folder dialog box and select a different folder.

5. Click Next. On the "Choose the settings for your movie" page, shown in Figure 10-45, choose "More settings" and then choose the desired movie setting. Note the estimated space required and ensure that you have enough free space for this setting.

When choosing a format, keep in mind the quality and resolution of the original media items. Windows Movie Maker will let you create a full-length video in DV-AVI for a whopping 60 GB of space, but if your original media isn't high-quality, you'll be wasting a lot of disk space.

6. Click Publish to publish the movie to the previously selected folder. As shown in Figure 10-46, you can track the progress of the publish process by minutes remaining and percent complete. The bit rate of the movie setting you choose will largely determine how long it takes to publish the movie.

7. When Windows Movie Maker finishes publishing the movie, click Next and then click Finish.

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Choose the settings for your movie The setting you select determines the quality and file size of your movie: Best quality for playback on my computer (recommended) © Compress to: |

« More settings: [windows Media DVD Quality [3 J Mbps] Movie settings

Fitetype: Windows Media Video (WMV) Bit rate: 3.0 Mbps Display size: 720 x 480 pixels Aspect ratio: 4:3 Frames per second: 30

Figure 10-45. Choosing the movie settings

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