Hardware Installation Whats Changed

Hardware installation hasn't changed much in Windows 7. What has changed significantly in the past few years is the array of options when it comes to hardware devices. Whether you are installing new hardware in your existing computer or getting acquainted with the types of hardware available for a computer you've recently purchased, it's important to consider your options carefully. All computers can use two types of hardware:

Internal hardware devices

Internal hardware devices are devices you install inside your computer. Typically, you'll need to power down and unplug your computer (in the case of notebook computers, you'll also need to remove the battery), and then remove the computer case before you can install an internal device. Notebook computers generally have limited options when it comes to internal hardware devices. External hardware devices

External hardware devices are devices you connect to your computer. Because you don't have to open your computer's case to connect external devices, you typically don't need to power down or unplug your computer before installing an external device.

The bulk of the message-board posts I see regarding hardware relate to the following:

• Which type of internal device is the right choice?

• Which type of external device is the right choice?

You'll find answers to these questions in the sections that follow.

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