Giving Other People Assistance

Just as you can use Remote Assistance to get help, you can use Remote Assistance to help other people. Have the person send you a Remote Assistance invitation via email. When you receive the email, double-click the invitation attached to the message. You'll then see a Windows Remote Assistance dialog box with a view of the other person's computer. As long as the person has allowed remote control, the view will have a similar set of controls as previously discussed, and will provide complete access to the person's desktop and Start menu, allowing you to fix the person's problem much like you could if you were sitting at the keyboard.

If you know that a user is having problems with his or her computer, you can follow these steps to offer remote assistance rather than waiting for an invitation:

1. Click Start, type msra, and then press Enter.

2. In the Windows Remote Assistance wizard, click "Help someone who has invited you."

3. Click the "Advanced connection option for help desk" link.

4. Type the name or IP address of the computer you want to assist, and then click Next to connect to the computer.

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