Getting to Know Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is one of several free desktop programs available as part of the Windows Live Essentials. You do not need to sign up for Windows Live to use these programs, but most of them include enhanced functionality available to Windows Live users (such as uploading photos and synchronizing contacts online).

To install Windows Live Essentials, click Starts-All ProgramssAccessoriessGetting Started. Use the option titled Go Online to get Windows Live Essentials to download and run the Windows Live Setup program. When Setup starts, select the programs you want to install and then click Install. That's it! Once you install the Windows Live programs, they are available by clicking Start sAll ProgramssWindows Live and then selecting the program that you want to run.

You start Windows Live Mail by clicking Starts All Programss Windows LivesWindows Live Mail. As Figure 16-2 shows, Windows Live Mail has an interface similar to earlier versions of Outlook Express. From the deceptively similar interface, you might think that Windows Live Mail is essentially Outlook Express with a facelift. The truth is, however, that Windows Live Mail is dramatically different.

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