Getting to Know Windows Live Calendar

One of Windows Live Calendar's most useful features is the ability to create multiple calendars for different people or different purposes. Because calendars and their respective events are color-coded, you can quickly and easily differentiate between one person's appointments and commitments and another's. Windows Live Calendar also makes it easy for you to access any available calendars and for you to allow others to access your calendars. If you want to access someone else's calendar, you can ask that person to publish the calendar so that you can subscribe to it. If you want others to be able to access your calendar, you can publish your calendar as a shared calendar.

You can start Windows Live Calendar from within Windows Live Mail by clicking the Calendar button in the left pane. As Figure 16-13 shows, Windows Live Calendar has a navigation pane and a work pane. On the left, the Navigation pane shows the current month and the available calendars. The main window in the center displays the current view of the active calendar.

You can use the toolbar to navigate the calendar, change views, and perform essential tasks. From left to right, the buttons on the toolbar are:

Creates a new event in the selected calendar. Send in e-mail

Sends a select event to one or more contacts as an email message. Delete

Deletes a selected event.


Provides options that set the calendar to the Day, Week, or Month view. Print

Prints the Day, Week, or Month view of the dates you select as the start and end dates under Print Range.

Calendar - Windows Live Mai

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