Getting into Your Multimedia

Before you can get started with Windows Media Player 12, you're going to need to configure the player for first use. Afterward, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the interface and the supported media formats.

Windows Media Player Not Always Installed

Generally, Windows Media Player 12 is installed by default with Home Premium and Ultimate editions of the Windows 7 operating system that are for sale in the United States. In Europe and elsewhere, these editions of the Windows 7 operating system may not include this media player. Additionally, as Windows Media Player is a feature of the operating system that can be turned on or off, your computer may have this feature disabled, depending on who configured it. If you find that Windows Media Player is not available, you should first check Windows Features to see whether the feature is turned off by clicking Start'Control Panel'^Programs V'Turn Windows features on or off." In the Windows Features dialog box, expand the Media Features node by double-clicking it. If you the option for Windows Media Player is not selected, select it and then click OK to make the media player available. If you do not have an option for Windows Media Player, you can download and install the media player by visiting http: //

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