Enabling Local User Accounts

User accounts on your computer can become disabled for several reasons. If a user forgets a password and tries to guess it, he or she might exceed the security settings for bad logon attempts. Another person with an administrator account could have disabled the account as well. When an account is disabled or locked out, you can enable it by following these steps:

1. Click Starts-Control Panels-System and SecuritysAdministrative Tools.

2. Double-click Computer Management.

3. In Computer Management, double-click Local Users and Groups under System Tools and then select the Users node.

4. Right-click the account name and then select Properties. This displays a Properties dialog box for the account, as shown in Figure 18-12.

5. Clear the "Account is disabled" checkbox if selected.

6. Clear the "Account is locked out" checkbox if selected.

Figure 18-12. Enabling the account for logon

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