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When you select DVD/CD-ROM Drives in Device Manager, you'll see a list of the DVD/ CD-ROM drives installed in the computer by manufacturer, type, and model. For DVD drives, if you want to know the type of read/write disks your computer supports, this is the place to check. The disk name may list DVD+RW if the DVD-ROM drive can burn to DVD+R discs, DVD-RW if the DVD-ROM drive can burn to DVD-R discs, or DVD+-RW if the DVD-ROM drive can burn to DVD+R and DVD-R discs.

Most modern DVD drives support the whole range, so if you purchased your computer in the last few years, the computer likely will support both DVD-R and DVD+R. However, before you purchase a hundredpack of one type of disc or the other, check other electronic devices you use to determine the types of discs they support. For instance, the TiVo unit I purchased with a DVD burner could burn only DVD-R discs.

General DVD Region Volumes Driver Details

Most DVDs are encoded for play in specific regions. To play a regionalized DVD on your computer, you must set your DVD drive to play discs from that region by selecting a geographic area from the following list.

CAUTION You can change the region a limited number of times.

After Changes remaining reaches zero, you cannot change the region even if you reinstall Windows or move your DVD drive to a different computer.

Changes remaining: 5

To change the current region, select a geographic area, and then click OK.





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