Deleting Media and Playlists

You can easily delete an album, a playlist, or other media items from your media library by right-clicking the item and selecting Delete. By default, when you delete items, you'll see the dialog box shown in Figure 8-28, and you can specify whether to delete the selected item from the library only, or from the library and your computer.

This dialog box also has a "Don't show this message again" checkbox. If you select this option, the default action you select will always be used when you delete items and you won't see this warning prompt again. You can still control the way deleting items works, however. To do this, click Organize and then select Options. On the Library tab, clear the "Delete files from my computer when deleted from library" checkbox if you want

Figure 8-28. Specifying the deletion technique

to delete items only from the library. Otherwise, select this checkbox to delete items from the library and your computer.

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