Creating Local Groups

If you find that you need additional groups beyond the Administrators and Users groups, you can create local groups on your computer. You create local groups by completing the following steps:

1. Click StartsControl PanelsSystem and Securitys Administrative Tools.

2. Double-click Computer Management.

3. In Computer Management, double-click Local Users and Groups under System Tools.

4. Select the Groups node to display a list of the current groups on your computer, as shown in Figure 18-14.

Figure 18-14. Viewing the groups on your computer

5. Right-click Groups and then select New Group. This opens the New Group dialog box, shown in Figure 18-15.

Figure 18-15. Creating a group and adding members

6. Type a name and description for the group.

7. Click the Add button.

8. In the Select Users dialog box, shown in Figure 18-16, type the name of a user you want to add to the group. This must be the username rather than the full name of the account.

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