Creating Contact Categories

In addition to creating contacts for individuals, you can create Contact Categories, which combine multiple individual contacts into a single group. Creating a contact category enables you to send email to many people at once. If you send an email message to a contact category, it will be sent to everyone you added to the category. In this way, sending email to a contact category can be a lot easier than adding names one at a time to an email message, especially if you often send messages to the same group of people.

You can create a contact category by following these steps:

1. In Windows Live Mail, click Contacts in the left pane. This opens Windows Live Contacts.

2. In the left pane, click the "Create a new category" link that appears under the list of predefined categories such as All Contacts, Buddies, and Coworkers.

3. In the Create a New Category dialog box, shown in Figure 16-12, enter a category name, such as Bridge Club or Golf Team.

4. Click the contacts you want to add to the category. As you click contact names, the contact's display name is entered into a semicolon-separated list. Alternatively, you can enter the email address of a contact directly in the list. Just make sure each entry is separated with a semicolon.

5. Click Save. If you entered email addresses directly and one or more of the email addresses is not already associated with a contact, a new contact is created automatically. You'll likely want to edit the contact information to make it more complete. To do this, simply double-click the contact entry, enter the desired information and then click Save.

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