Creating a Live Auto Movie

After you finish creating and editing your storyboard, you are ready to move on to the next phase of video production, which involves adding effects, transitions, titles, credits, and a soundtrack. Though you can perform each of these tasks manually, you can also have Windows Live Movie Maker perform them for you automatically using the AutoMovie feature. Not only is this a great timesaver, but it also allows you to see firsthand how various approaches to video production work.

To create an AutoMovie, complete the following steps:

1. In Windows Live Movie Maker, click the AutoMovie button on the Home pane.

2. If you are prompted to confirm, select the "Don't show this message again" checkbox and then click OK.

3. As you haven't added any sound to the video yet, you'll be able to add music now. When prompted, click Yes and then use the dialog box provided to select a song to add to the movie.

4. Windows Live Movie Maker will then attempt to fit the video to the song you've selected. If this process fails, you'll see a warning prompt. Click OK. Later, you can choose a longer song, add more songs, or remove some photos or videos from the movie to make the soundtrack fit.

5. Windows Live Movie Maker will then create the AutoMovie by inserting a title frame at the start of the movie, setting each picture or video to use a cross-fade transition with automatic effects, and then adding a credits frame to the end of the movie.

6. As shown in Figure 10-52, if you click the title frame on the storyboard and then click in the Preview pane, you'll be able to edit the movie title and frame formatting. By default, the title frame doesn't use a transition or effects. You can add a text effect by clicking any of the available effects on the Format pane.

7. If you click the credits frame on the storyboard and then drag the Timeline slider to the right, you'll see the end credits. Click in the Preview pane and then click the credits to edit them.

8. Click the Save Project button (or press Ctrl-S) to have Windows Live Movie Maker create the movie for you. If you don't like the results, you can always fine-tune the movie before finalizing it.

Figure 10-52. Setting the movie title

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