Converting a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk

Downgrading to the basic disk type from the dynamic disk type is not so easy. Before you convert a dynamic disk to a basic disk, you must delete all the volumes on the disk.

This results in the loss of all data in those volumes if you do not back up or move the data to another disk beforehand.

You can convert a dynamic disk to a basic disk by completing the following steps:

1. In Windows Explorer, copy or move all data on all the disk's volumes to another disk. Confirm that all data has been copied or moved before continuing.

2. In Disk Management, delete all volumes on the dynamic disk by right-clicking and selecting Delete Volume. Because this destroys all the data on the volumes, Disk Management displays a warning prompt (see Figure 19-6). If you are sure you want to delete the volume, click Yes.

3. When you delete the last volume, Windows changes the dynamic disk to a basic disk, and you can then partition and format the disk for use.

Figure 19-6. Confirming that you want to delete the volume

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