Configuring Game Restrictions

Game restrictions control whether a user can play games and the types of games that this person can play. If you've turned on parental controls, users are allowed to play games and no types of games are blocked by default. You can configure game restrictions by completing these steps:

1. Click StartsControl PanelsUser Accounts and Family SafetysParental Controls.

2. Click the account you want to restrict.

3. On the "Set up how...will use the computer" page, click Games under Windows Settings.

Figure 18-21. Configuring time restrictions

4. On the "Control which types of games...can play" page, shown in Figure 18-22, " games?" is set to Yes by default and the user is allowed to play games. To block game playing, click No under " games?"sOK, and skip the remaining steps.

5. To block or allow games by rating and content type, click "Set game ratings," choosing which game ratings are OK for the user to play, and then click OK.

6. To block or allow games installed on the computer by name, click "Block or Allow specific games," choose allowed or blocked games, and then click OK.

7. Click OK to save your settings.

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