View Essential Security Settings Using the Action Center

^l) Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.

Click the Action Center icon in Small icons or Large icons view.

TIMESAVER Click the Action Center icon in the notification area (if available), and then click Open Action Center.

IMPORTANT If you're part of a network, options might be grayed out; your security settings are managed by your network administrator.

To find out information on a security area, click the down arrow next to it.

To set Action Center settings, click the Change Action Center settings link, select or clear check boxes to turn alert messages on or off, and then click OK.

When you're done, click the Close button.

The Action Center (New ) provides a single place to manage your four security essentials, Windows Firewall, Automatic Updating, Malware protection (virus and spyware) and Other security settings (Internet security and User Account Controls). If you're having computer problems, you can access troubleshooting (New ) and System Restore options. The Action Center recommends security settings that you can use to help protect your computer. It also provides links to important information about the latest virus or other security threat, or to get customer support from Microsoft for a security related issue. As you work, Windows 7 uses security alerts and icons in the notification area on the taskbar to help you recognize potential security risks, such as a new virus, out of date antivirus software or an important security option is turned off, and choose appropriate settings. If Windows requires your attention, the Action Center icon appears in the notification area (New ). Click the Action Center icon to view alerts and suggested fixes.

■ Turn alert messages on or off

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