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If you installed another web browser after installing Internet Explorer, some of your Internet Explorer settings may have changed. You can reset your Internet Explorer settings to their original defaults, including your home page and search pages, and choice of default browser, without changing your other browser's settings. To reset Internet Explorer settings, click the Tools button, click Internet Options, click the Advanced tab, click Reset, read the dialog box carefully, and then click Reset again.

Searching the Web

You can find all kinds of information on the web using the Instant Search box from the Address bar. The best way to find information is to use a search engine. A search engine is a program you access through a web site and use to search through a collection of Internet information to find what you want. Many search engines are available on the web, such as Bing, Wikipedia, Google, and Yahoo, which you can addon to Internet Explorer (New!). When performing a search, the search engine compares keywords with words that if finds on various Internet web sites. Keywords are words or phrases that best describe the information you want to retrieve. As you type in the Search box, the search engine displays a menu list of text and visual suggestions (New ) for the matched sites. These matched sites are sometimes called hits. The search results of different search engines vary. If you're looking for information on a page, you can use the Find toolbar (New ) to help highlight the text you want to find.

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