Check our Computers Security Status

1. Choose Starts Control PaneK System and Security.

2. In the resulting System and Security window (see Figure 15-6), click the Review Your Computer's Status and Resolve Issues link.

3. In the Action Center window that appears (see Figure 15-7), check to see whether the Security item states whether Windows found any antivirus software on your computer.

ft. If Windows didn't find such software, click the Find a Program Online button and review the recommended security software partners that Microsoft recommends. If you want to purchase one of these solutions, click the logo of the company you want to buy from and then you're taken to their site where you can buy and download the software.

It's very important that you have antivirus and antispyware software installed on your computer, and that you run updates to them on a regular basis. These types of programs help you avoid downloading malware to your computer that could cause advertising pop-ups, slow your computer's performance, damage computer files, track your keystrokes while you type to steal your identity, and more. If you don't want to pay for such a program, consider a free solution, such as Spyware Terminator (www. spyware terminator. com).

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Figure 15-6: The System and Security window

Figure 15-7: The Action Center window

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